Trump’s Peace in Our Time Moment

Tuesday, August 07, 2018 9:41:29 AM

Riding the flow skatepark essays There is a place where everyone likes to go to release or vent his or her worries and troubles. A place to go that is purely unique. Without this special place, some people might not make it through the week or day. I Poverty myself one of those people. The Place that I find so special and can make most of my everyday worries vanish is The Flow Skate Trump’s Peace in Our Time Moment in Columbus, Ohio. One might say, “Oh I go there too. Or Yea I’ve been to that place, its awesome.” There is no way it’s the same for them Trump’s Peace in Our Time Moment it is for me. The park steals about two and half-hours of driving and ten dollars in gas every time I make the trip (which is usually about 4 times a week). In that hour and 15 minutes each way, I do a lot of brain work in the car figuring out new tricks to UC Berkeley offers its Foundations of Data Science course for free online when I get there or simply trying to figure out myself and life in general. Its more than just an hour in the car listening to the deafening screeches of heavy metal getting myself pumped up for the riding ahead of me. The voyage there is pretty simple, just some back roads from my house and three highways after that. Every time I approach the exit ramp for the road that the Flow is on, I start to feel it. It’s a feeling like when you are buying a new car or walking into Disney Land. I usually park in the same spot every time, unload my bike and grab my gear. As I start to walk through the front door, I feel like I am about to go on stage. I imagine it feels a little like when David Letterman is about to start his show or when a singer firsts walks onto the stage. This is all before I even think about getting on my bike. Its usually the same routine, a couple of my friends will be standing by the office drinking some water and bragging about some trick they just pulled. I’ll walk in and everyone says their hello’s and after about five to ten minutes of that, I wheel my bike over to a bench and begin to suit up. I start out by slipping on my two kneepads, which aren.

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