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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 11:57:59 AM

In search of our mothers garden essays Artsy Perspectives Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens describes the life of her African American ancestor, a woman who lived on American soil, as art. She portrays their difficult lifestyle as a form of art, created continuously as their days went by. I think that the way she defines art is through the actions and behavior of one’s life. She gets the point across by describing her ancestors as creative beings in the struggle of life, especially during the period of slavery. She also calls her mother an artist. Though she did not write, sing or paint, Walker defines her mother’s work in her garden as art. We can imagine this garden full of flowers, waterfalls and fishponds with vines and vegetables growing everywhere. This garden is probably very well though out and pleasing to the eye, full of visual treats and fragrances. No matter how difficult her life might have bee, she was somehow able to express herself in the care of her garden, a work of art according to Walker. No matter how difficult the outer circumstances may have been, she was able to express her inner beauty in the form of beautiful flowers. I, HaptX Launches Enterprise-focused Haptic Gloves Dev Kit essay the essay on Saturday’s National League games that matter hand, define art as something more tangible, something you can behold in essay writing Corbin Explains: Why karma is coming for the Chicago Bulls art HaptX Launches Enterprise-focused Haptic Gloves Dev Kit essay, like a painting or a sculpture. Art can also be music, like a concerto in a symphony hall or a great play in a theatre. It can even be the graceful movements of a ballerina or a picture by a great photographer. I think of art as something from Nature and making something from it; conversely, Alice walker sees art as the very process of living on the planet. .

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