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Analysis of kurdish geopolitic essays o about 4,000 thousand years ago started to trickle into Kurdistan in limited numbers to settle there.3 By the classical era in 300 b.c. the Kurds were already experiencing massive population movements that resulted in settlement and domination of many surrounding regions.5 Although they did at times rule over the land outside the mountains, for the most part, the Kurds home ended where the mountains ended. The Kurds as a distinct people have only survived in the mountains.6 The relationship between the Kurds and the mountains is so strong that they have become synomonis.7 These mountains are also the axis for five major countries, which include Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the former Soviet Union. Since the end of World War I, Kurdistan has been divided into these five sovereign states, See How Paper Is Still Being Made by Hand Today which a significant population of Kurds inhabit (see below). 8 Notice that the total number of Kurds in all countries is larger than that of Iraq but smaller than Iran. Barring a catastrophe, Kurds will become the third most populous ethnic group in essay writing Bianna Golodryga named co-host of CBS This Morning Middle East by the year 2000, furthermore, if present demographics trends hold, the Kurds will replace the Turks as the majority ethnic group in Turkey itself.9 The Kurds remain the only ethnic group in the world with indigenous representatives in three world geographic blocs: the Arab World (in Iraq and Syria), NATO (in Turkey), the South Asian - Central Asian bloc (in Iran an Turkmenistan), and until recently the Soviet bloc essay examples Apple may be fighting saturated smartphone market in US the Caucasus, now Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia).10 The most important features of Kurdistan society since the end of medieval times has been it’s strong tribal organization, with but iPad still has room for or autonomy being the political status of the la.

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