Congress Has a $95 Million Proposal to Study Tech’s Effect on Kids

Monday, August 13, 2018 7:46:51 AM

Evolution of music essays Evolution of Music In the video we saw in class we learned about the advancement of music with the development Doing Ab Workouts but Not Losing Belly Fat? A Trainer Explains Why - and How to Fix It essay technology. The first thing that we saw was how the bell makers now use computers to eliminate the unwanted sounds from bells by creating bells of different shape. Also we saw how the organ manipulates sound by sending it through different tubes of different diameters and by decreasing or increasing the size of the tubes then we saw how technology manipulates all those sounds by using filters. How those filters work. Sound is converted into a digital signal of ones and zeros that that signal can be filtered using hardware or software. Since sound is already converted into ones and zeroes, using software we can eliminate parts of sound for which we already know how the signal would lock like in numbers. Hardware wise I don’t really know how it is done. Then we saw how a professor from a university was Congress Has a $95 Million Proposal to Study Tech’s Effect on Kids the task of finding out the quemical components of the varnish and of the wood of Stradivarius violin’s that way we could reproduce those. When locking into the varnish he found out that the varnish contained powder made from precious stones. Then when he locked into the chemical components of the wood of the violine he found out that the wood was wood of fresh just cut wood that was marinated since it was fir a time in salt water probably do to that the wood was transported by drag in it through the sea to the place of it’s destination. The professor theory is that the two famous violin makers didn’t really knew or specifically choose the wood and the varnish it was gust luck and being at right place at the right time. .

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