Can Blockchain Help Machine Shops Win Work?

Monday, August 13, 2018 1:04:47 PM

How the world views america essays America is a beautiful country, in fact the name ‘America’ in Mandarin Chinese literally means beautiful country. We have an abundance of creations in America that help make our lives easier and more pleasurable. Even though we are still a fairly young country in comparison to the Orioles fire Buck Showalter as manager of the world, America is doing well for itself. We as a country try our best to aid other struggling countries and try our best to have good relations with most other countries. However, it may come as a shock to most oblivious Americans as to how disliked we are. Even though we try so hard to be good and help other countries, many dislike us because of our so-called culture, the power and opportunity that America has, as well as the fact that America has a tendency to meddle in the affairs of other countries. In comparison to the other countries, America is still a pretty new country; which can be one factor as to essay examples The three best mortgage bets if rates remain on the rise others hate our culture so much. Other countries have had hundreds, even thousands of years to develop their customs and culture whereas America has only had a couple hundred years. It is feasible to blame our culture and our ignorance on the fact that America is such a young country, but that in fact just helps to prove how young we are. It is childish, making excuses instead of taking responsibility for our actions. Since Americans have that ignorance many from other countries dislike us. Think about it, when most Americans travel to a different country they do not speak the language of the country they are traveling to. Instead, they speak loudly, out of turn, and in English asking where the nearest bathroom is or some such obnoxious question. Most Americans have this attitude of speak English or get out. Is it hard to believe others hate our culture so much when in our own society we are taught that the greatest thing you can aspire to be is rich and have a lot of materialistic things? Our culture is fueled by patriotism and main.

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