3 Resume Tips When Youre Switching Careers

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 10:49:50 PM

Albert camus the outsider- values An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld from a Politically Correct College Student beliefs essays The Outsider The Ralph Northam some one reads and interprets a text is a reflection of their understanding of the themes of the text and the philosophical viewpoint of the author and of their own philosophical beliefs and values. The novel The Outsider by Camus reflects many of the key ideas of existentialism, although Camus never used this term himself. By researching and understanding the main lines of thought in existentialism, one can see the apparent irony and absurdity in the way the main character Meursault lives and behaves in a new light. Nonetheless from my personal philosophical viewpoint, derived from my Catholic beliefs, Meursault’s behaviour is objectively immoral and the lack of meaning in his life is truly sad. Meursault has no morals or ideas on what is right or wrong. To him one moment of pleasure and enjoyment is more important than whatever consequences may come as a result of this or what society would say to this. For example, the day after his mother’s funeral he meets a essay on Kanye West and Bono Song Cut From New Swizz Beatz Album, spends the day with her and watches a comedy. Later at his trial these events have serious repercussions. The oddness of this behaviour, as viewed essay topics Environment-Related Challenges Getting Deeper With Time: Rajnath Singh the jury, contributes to him being sentenced to death. But at the time, conforming to society’s conventions of mourning and the consequences don't cross Meursault’s mind or at least don't bother him. Meursault sees no right or wrong, he has no morals whatsoever. When he hears about the way Raymond treats women - “he’d beaten her until she bled” - and what he plans to do to his girlfriend - “punish her”- Meursault doesn't think twice about it being wrong and helps him write a threatening letter to her. Because Meursault sees no right or wrong he does not pass judgement on people. He never judges the man who beats his dog as being bad or crazy and he never judges Raymond as being a bad person. When Raymond asks him whether he thinks about his story he says it was “interesti.

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