He will always be remembered for his patriotic spirit: PM Modi pays tribute to Veer Savarkar on his

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Compare freedom theories from essays The book of From Freedom to Slavery of Gerry Spence and pedagogy of oppressed of Paulo Freire are respectively discussed different topics. Spence mainly explores social circulations. He argued that while people feel freedom in society, actually they unconsciously enslave the society. Freire uses pedagogic theory to discuss oppression in education system. Actually, two books seem different subjects, yet there are still similarities between them. First similarity is both authors discuss concept slavery that retrains consciousness of men. In From Freedom to Slavery, to restrain people’s consciousness is by the oligarchy of mammoth corporation system that Spence calls the “New King”-a non living master dominate dominates our society (87). The interest of the “New king” is to convert all human values into merchandise and only care profit. By that, it tends to convince people that it is proper for New King entitles to own or control the entire wealth of the earth(87). Such as money means everything. Therefore, the mean of corporation is to own, to control media whose primary task is to brainwash men’s mind While people closely tie media as part of their lives, media is able to changes their sense of value, belief, and even Essays On Air: a new podcast from The Conversation bringing the best writing to you their lives. People PUD readies for budget hearing Oct. 1 | News as “tools” to the corporation to have consciousness of the corporation. That means, they live in the corporation, work for the corporation, serve with the corporation and even die for the corporation. In other worlds, they love their servitude. That is the goal of the New King to “subjugate the earth and its population the most insidious tyranny ever experienced by man (124).” As long as people believe the “New King”, it will know that its power expands and is able to continually control people. Consequently, as Spence describes that people are not sensitive to changes in the status of their freedom but to changes in the formula of Cole Classic (185). People d.

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