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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 10:01:38 PM

Stolen generation essays The “Stolen Generation” The “Stolen Generation” means the practice of removing part Aboriginal children from their original families and culture. The Stolen Generation occurred in the years 1804 to 1969. One hundred thousand half or quarter cast children were taken away. Half or quarter cast meaning children or adults who are part Aboriginal. These children were removed for the opportunity for education, protection from abuse, poverty, neglect and the act of racism mainly from white people. State Government officials removed these children and the Government needed parental consent for the removal of the children. These children were taken and Paramount Bringing ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake to Life in 2019 in churches or state institutions. Some of the children were fostered or adopted by white parents. The implications of the Stolen Generation towards the Aboriginal community were anger, knowing they have hardly any power, the lack of purpose to even live, as well First-year Writing Classes Get Creative lowering the trust with the Government, police and other officials. The negative affects of the Stolen Generation were that the children were treated The Future in Retrospect they were Sports and were taken to places they didn’t want to go. The Stolen Generation was the practice of taking Aboriginal children and Torres Strait Islander children. That began as early as the year 1804 and continued until about 1969. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures were seen as inferior to the British and other European countries. The people who took Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children away from their original families purely believed that what they were doing was “in the best interests of the children”. This act towards the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was not fair. The children who were taken away were lied to and also weren’t treated fairly. Most likely no one would want to be taken away from their own family and be around people they have never seen before. An example of this would be about a bo.

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