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How we use energy essays How We Use Energy In Janice Gould’s poem “This Energy in Which We Exist” shows how we relate our life to the energy that we use. The more a person puts into life then the more a person is going to get out of it, which means there life will probably mean a lot more. There is energy all around the world, all we have to do is obtain that energy and use it to be productive. In life everyone needs to strive for what they want as it is usually not essay topics Curvy Masseuse to get. In the poem it says “we are something that comes from nothing, Claims She Had Wild Sex Affair With Zayn Malik from something,” this puts many meanings in our minds. Such as at the beginning of our life we are a child and have not accomplished much, but as we grow older and mature, we become more meaningful and start to essay examples Overdose alert issued in Hamilton County, health officials say something, like a teacher, architect, or a doctor. Gould also believes a great education 41 life is crucial. She gives an example of a rabbit as it is at the bottom of a hat that got lifted out. She is saying in life when you get an education good things will happen and you can put your learning to use. As the rabbit is getting lifted from the hat, the person is getting a job and making a difference in life. Next Gould talks about how everybody’s lives change from week to week and day by day. She says “one moment we are smoke, the next fire; now a war, an infant, a hand, a kiss, breath, bird, or sunlight.” This means that now matter how much our lives change that we should not fear change because it is good and it will always happen. People should also look forward to change in their lives, because if there was no change in people’s lives, then life could get boring. In conclusion Gould is trying to tell everyone that you need to strive for what you want and do not let little mistakes hold you back. She also believes a good education is necessary and in life it is important to always keep learning. In life it is important to have change, without change then ever.

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