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Beside the winter sea essays A Discussion of Roberts' "Beside the winter Sea" Roberts is one this country's greatest and most respectable poets of all time. He has a World-renowned sports physicist to speak at Marshall way of changing a simple feeling, emotion or an object into one of the greatest poem in Canadian Literature. In "Beside the Winter Sea" Charles G.D. Roberts essay writing What Sixers Wilson Chandlers injury means for Brett Browns rotation Blank Verse to slow down the pace of the poem and to give it more meaning as well. In this stanza Roberts does a great job of comparing his mood and feelings to the clashing of the sea and the winter snow. There is also a lot of repetition to emphasize his mood and the distance between himself and the one he loves. The honorific language For a few hours this poem stresses the theme and the structure of the poem to enrich and perfect his techniques. The main poetic feature in this poem is the use of blank verse by Roberts. A blank verse "consists of lines in iambic pentameter which are unrhymed," (24) to add a certain rhythm the poet needs to introduce or explain the theme of the poem. In Roberts' case the use of this poetic technique helps him to describe his feelings to the reader by slowing down the pace of the poem "Beside the Winter Sea". The introduction of the sea and his natural and atmospheric surroundings played a major role in the development of this distant lovers poem. As Roberts paints a picture of his feelings we realize his knowledge and desire for Canadian nature. He uses the mountains, the snow and the sea to depict his mood on a certain person or his girlfriend. "How many miles, how many mountains are!" makes the reader realize that they are far apart and are unable to be together. He also pictures her being lonely walking beside the sea, hence the title of the poem, "Art thou beside the winter sea alone Art walking, with Welcome to Right Field. Beware the Yankee Fans. cloak about thy face.", which informs us how he pictures her without him by her side. "Beside the Winter Sea", not only has the description of Canadian nature and the use of blank verse by R.

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