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2002 hall of fame essays 2002 Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony Magic Johnson was a pioneer in the sport of basketball, although his career was cut Hamad International Airport implements electronic invoicing system when he was diagnosed with AIDS, he still brought more to the sport than ever could be imagined during his time. Magic Johnson was a 6’9” guard whose ability to perform on and off the court allowed Notable Dissertations 2018 to be recognized among the greatest in the Hall of Fame. On September the 28th Magic Johnson along with others where inducted into the basketball hall of fame, class of 2002. The induction of the 2002 players and coaches was also the grand opening of the 36 million dollar Springfield Civic Center, which is the new home of the basketball Hall of Fame. The highlight of the ceremony was the bringing together of not just one but also two of the greatest basketball players, that had such a large affect on each other’s life and careers. When a player or coach is inducted into the hall of fame he or she has to request a present Hall of Famer to present them at the ceremony. Magic Johnson made the decision to ask Larry Bird to present him into the Hall of Fame. The two met each other many times on the court and in championships, both college and the NBA, pushing each other and at the same time pushing essay writing Upwork CEO on IPO: The market is ready for us sport to new levels. One could say that Larry Bird helped Magic Johnson to his 17,707 Be Smart About Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, 6,559 rebounds, 1,724 steals, and 10,141 assists. Now they are friends and reminisce about the days of old playing against one another for the 1979 NCAA Championship or the other three times they met in the NBA finals. All and all the two came together just like old times but as basketball Hall of Famer's. The others that where inducted into the Hall of Fame on the 28th; included the Harlem Globetrotters, who have played 20,000 games in 117 countries since the team was founded in 1927. Also the late Drazen Petrovic, who was a NBA star and two-time Olympic silver medalist, that had past away in 19.

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