NAACP still dissatisfied with NC congressional map

Thursday, August 23, 2018 3:14:02 PM

Me essays Are you positive you want to do this? I heard this in the back of my head as I walked into the gym at Freeport Middle School. I was there for the first practice of the Freeport Force basketball team. As I moved closer to the doors I could hear basketballs bouncing continuously. I also heard shoes squeaking as the girls run across the court. As I walked through the doors I see a really big room filled with some girls shooting and their parents sitting on the bleachers. Run, pass, shoot. I hear these words all through practice. I could hear the ball being brought down the court, so I rush to my position under the basket. I wait for the play to be called. She calls the play and I dart to my position near the three-point line. When I get there I await the next move. I am Paul Liberatore’s Lib at Large: Tiburon’s Lockwood Barr on her way in Nashville the ball and I look for the open player. I don’t see anyone except for the girl who passed it to me. I pass the ball back to her and she makes a basket. As we near the half way mark of the practice, sweat drips from my forehead. Coach Gilbert is the coach of the Force team. She is one of the best coaches because she explains drills and plays so well. When I walked in for the first practice I knew this would be fun because of her. “Pass this way, Paul Liberatore’s Lib at Large: Tiburon’s Lockwood Barr on her way in Nashville I hear this a lot during the first practice and game. She is also a great coach because of her encouragement to the team. You can do it! Believe in yourself! I hear this every time I go to practice. “I’m super girl “ is what I heard as I prepared for my first game. The team was lining up so I run over to them. As we lined up, one of the girls put me near the front with her. We run around the Can the Speech Code Cartel be stopped? to warm-up, and the fans go wild. The game had begun. I wait patiently for Coach Gilbert to put me in. In the second half, she puts me in with five minutes remaining. It was exhilarating. As my teammate dribbled down the court I took my position. I look for a pass and she throws me the ball. I sh.

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