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History of american art essays (North American Native Art, Prehistoric And Primitive Art). Native Americans primarily used buffalo skins for clothing, containers, tepee covers and shield. Triangular and quadrangular shaped designs were often imprinted with beads and porcupine quills. In the Southwest regions, art of the Americans was based upon strong, graphic, geometric designs developed for pottery decorations. Before the coming of the Europeans, Native American art consisted of art that was utilitarian in function and was adorned with symbolic elements that were used in their daily lives. In other instances minute differences in design motifs on clothing or residential structures served as differentiating mechanisms, rendering the identity of the group immediately apparent to knowledgeable outsiders. Standards of beauty, to the extent that they Turning to a Ghostwriter for a Personal Toast considered at all, were based on traditional notions, not on innovation or experimentation away from the cultural norm (The Effects Of European Contact). After the coming of the Europeans, Native American art suffered greatly. Their artifices were sold to museums and private collections. Their art was often considered different and was hardly stolen as a result they were sold at bargain rates. This greatly provoked conflicts between the Native Americans and the early Europeans. During the early years of the European invasion, the abject poverty of the Native Americans stimulated The dangerous social cycle that makes us buy things we dont need great number of artists. Soon a cottage industry of art bloomed. It attracted numerous tourist markets and hypercri.

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