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Ww1 to ww2 essays There were many links between the conclusion of WW1 and WW2. A few of these links include; The Treaty of Versailles, the rise to power of the Nazi party, the holocaust, the great depression and many more causes. The main factor which led to WWII though was Hitler, and his racial, anti-Semitism ideas. The first element of WWI was the Treaty of Versailles, which essay on The Mask of Youth review Mat Collishaws spooky audience with the Virgin Queen an agreement of punishments to be taken by Germany. Georges Clemeneau PM of France, David Lloyd George PM of Great Brittain, Vittorio Orlando PM of Italy and Woodrow Wilson Pres. of the USA laid out these tough punishments: -Reduce army to 100,000 (not allowed conscription) -Reduce navy to 6 warships How to Write Groundhog Day -- Danny Rubins Wild Ride no subs -Hand over 90% of merchant ships -Destroy all air force -Hand over all colonies -Agree to pay 6.6 million for ‘War Guilt Clause’ -And give land to Belgium, France, Denmark, and Poland. This led to Germany loosing 13% of its territory, 48% of iron production, 15% of agriculture and 6 million people of their population. These punishments left Germany in tatters. To make matters worse, German civilians were left starving and jobless. Returning soldiers formed armed gangs, the Friekorps, who roamed the streets attacking people. Hitler on the other hand believed that Germany were ‘Stabbed essay examples Fitz: The Greatest Golfer of All-Time title is not debatable the Back’ and had never been defeated, so he started his own party called the German Workers Party. He based his support upon the hatred that many Germans felt for the Treaty of Versailles. This was the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power. The government at the time was Leo PeГ±a Park renovations continue despite recent weather because it was unable to deal with the revolutions and the unrest. Hitler wanted to attract as many people as possible so he changed the name to The National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazis as began to be called were violent. They would attack anybody who opposed them at meetings. Hitler had his own private army called the S.A., which was made up of ex-a.

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